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We are a small, family owned, and operated aviary located in Pensacola, Florida. We specialize in raising sweet, handfed Parrots, Macaws, and Cockatoos. Since we are small, we are able to operate a more personalized one on one business.
We are a small, family owned, and operated aviary located in Pensacola, Florida. We specialize in raising sweet, handfed Parrots, Macaws, and Cockatoos. Since we are small, we are able to operate a more personalized one on one business.

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Baby of the Month

Each month we celebrate a baby in our nursery. Let's see who it is this month!


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A healthy diet is very important to your bird and a variety in their diet is essential. Yes, people food is acceptable! Let's get cooking.


At T's Exotics' Avian Luxury Suites™ we offer your bird accommodations of the finest just as your other pets have been able to enjoy at other facilities.

Things to consider BEFORE buying an Exotic Parrot

I can’t express enough, read as much as you can and then some… You’ll want to know as much as you can about the baby you wish to add to your household. It is important to understand your babies wants, needs and his personality traits. Since this will be a lifetime commitment, you will want to make sure the species you choose is compatible with your personality and lifestyle.

So, you’re thinking of getting a new best friend or adding a friend to one you already have.
It makes a difference in your happiness and theirs if you are living with a species of bird that is compatible with your lifestyle and personality. You should take time to consider your individual personality and your pet bird’s natural temperament before making a commitment.

Buying a pet bird is a major responsibility, and one of the most important things to consider is the attention and care he is going to require. By nature, birds are social creatures and will require your love, guidance and interaction daily. I want you to be able to make an informed choice, not an impulsive one, I encourage you to read as much as possible about the species you have chosen before you make a life-long commitment that comes with owning a bird. 

The Cage you choose will be a large expense, in fact they can be a bit pricey- from $30 to $3500. Keeping in mind your baby’s comfort, you will want to purchase the largest cage you can afford and one that will fit into the space you have chosen for him. You will be looking for a sturdy cage with heavy gauge powder coated steel bars that will provide ample room for your baby to spread his wings and shake his tail! I would recommend nothing smaller that a 42″ cage for a Macaw, and nothing smaller than a 36″ cage for an African Grey. You will want your baby to be happy so the placement of his cage will be important. Try placing him by a window, allowing him an area that he is able to move out of the direct sunshine if need be. Load it up with assorted toys, a blankie, different shapes of perches along with concrete perches to help groom his

It is important to bring the baby out of his cage daily to socialize with the family. However sometimes we can not always hold him. The T-Stand provides a safe place for him to play while watching you and not getting into something he shouldn’t be. Another great option is a room or area dedicated to just him. Imagine a large structure made from tree branches allowing him to free range all the while being under supervision.

Your bird is very intelligent, you will want to provide him with lots of toys! Toys of all shapes, colors, textures and sizes. Toys that give them challenges. Toys should be changed out once a month or so to help keep him from becoming bored. Toys can be pricey, but you can try your creativity in making your own, starting with leftover toy parts from toys they have destroyed as well as cardboard, beads, chain- plastic or metal, cloth and rope. I have found infant toys to be a very good substitute. Let your imagination go wild and have fun!

Here are some ideas: https://birdcages4less.com/page/B/CTGY/Bird_Toys


At T’s Exotics™ our number one priority is raising healthy, happy, and lovable babies. Our second priority is finding our healthy, happy and lovable babies a loving and caring family/home. Our third priority is to go out of our way to make sure all of your needs have been met. I love to receive updates about our babies. Here you can read what some families have to say.

Tiki Krajca

Tiki has brought so much joy to our lives, he has become my 5th kid, his brothers and sisters love him to death... Teresa is the one to thank for making that happen. From before he was laid, through the hatching process, she kept in contact while he was growing and while preparing him to be a loving bird for when we got home to us... He flew from Florida to Utah and then we had a 4 hour drive home ((; it was a process but it was a great one and it turned out great... We love him and thank you Teresa for that. You went above and beyond. - Sarah

Tiki Krajca

I absolutely love Teresa. She is so helpful and knowledgeable I can call upon her at any time for information or help. She kept me informed with pictures and updates and allowed visits till our baby was ready to come home and always a call away when I had a question even after we brought him home. I would strongly recommend her if you are looking for your new baby. -Ania

Fiji Searfoss

An update on Fiji. Fiji is doing well and healthy. Loves to whistle tunes we’ve taught him plus his own. He has many words and phrases. Really gets into and enjoys his shower time. Enjoys sitting in his cage on the channel side deck in the warm summer days. Thank you, Teresa, for an awesome bird- RT

Phoenix Hardin

Phoenix is doing very well and she's a handful..lol but I love her so much. She likes to be held, she raises up her right claw like she is trying to karate chop you....lol....she says : come here, wow! And hello. She eats her pellets, she loves anything I have: fries, pizza crust, she loves her nuts, walnuts almonds and peanut.s She's messy i can only fill up her bowl a little bit or she throws her food out....lol...~ Michelle

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